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the digital auto-art nft collection

What is a metaride?

MetaRidez are an exciting platform & collection of digital cars that caters to the passions of car enthusiasts and automotive fans of all ages. These unique NFTs not only serve as collectibles but also offer an exclusive membership experience. With MetaRidez, you gain access to a virtual road called The Torque, where like-minded petrol heads and automotive-gaming fanatics connect to create a integrated infrastructure dedicated to all things CARS! Each MetaRide in the collection possesses its own distinct features and can be customized and upgraded through The Torque. This grants collectors the power to control the aesthetics and rarity of their digital car collection. Moreover, every MetaRide is assigned a Tier trait, which opens up a wide range of expanding utilities and benefits, consistently enhancing the value of your precious collectibles and MetaRide Tokens. As a proud MetaRidez holder, you’ll enjoy a plethora of exclusive advantages. Prepare yourself for access to limited-edition drops, where you can acquire unique digital assets related to cars.

auto-art dealership

Create, earn & Control the collection!

Metaride Owners have exclusive access to purchase pre-minted tokens from The Torque Online Store, in which they can upgrade their pre-mints with a variety of different parts which not only improve their overall aesthetic to your desire but also improves their utility! Heres how:

1. Purchase your desired pre-minted Metaride from The Torque Online Store.

2. Purchase the suitable parts to upgrade your pre-minted Metaride via The Torque Online Store. 

3. Wait for your Design Approval Mail which will contain your Metaride artwork & stats. 

4. After your build is  approved. Your Metaride NFT will be created and transferred directly to your Wallet Address where you can collect all your personalized Metaridez or Sell them for a Profit! 

5. Terms & Conditions

  1. Only Metaride Holders have access to The Torque Online Store! 
  2. You cannot upgrade Metaridez purchased via LIBEX NFT as it has already been minted on to the block chain.
  3. Pre-Mints are released via The Torque Online Store 2 weeks prior to being listed for sale on Libex NFT.
  4. Take note of your digital car parts and the traits they have, this will effect the performance of your Metaride & Tier Number, therefore affecting their Utilities & Benefits.
  5. Please use parts that are compatible with your MetaRide!
  6. Incorrect submission of your WALLET ADDRESS in the approval process could result in your  METARIDE NFT & METARIDE PARTS being lost forever.
  7. Collect, Build & Earn!
  8. The upgrade feature will only be available from the 31 November 2023. View our road map

This feature is only available to registered Metaride Owners! Register Your Metaride here