From my earliest memories, cars were my world—from racing on digital tracks in Gran Turismo and Midnight Club to maneuvering my collection of remote control cars and Hot Wheels. My childhood was filled with countless hours spent gaming, sketching designs and dreaming up new concepts for cars. This wasn’t just a passing phase for me; it was the ignition of a passion that would drive my education and career choice.

This passion for automotive culture, gaming and design led me to pursue an education in Industrial Design at the University of Johannesburg (South Africa). There, I immersed myself in a world where creativity and technical skill blend seamlessly, particularly in the realm of 3D design and aesthetics. My education wasn’t just a path to a degree—it was a vital step toward bringing and developing the Metaridez Project.

Metaridez is a project that melds my professional expertise with my personal passion for cars and gaming. It’s a platform designed to enhance and diversify the experiences of car design enthusiasts and gamers of all ages through autoart, design and the thriving gaming industry.

We provide an online space where automotive culture meets digital innovation. Our aim is to create an online space where both seasoned aficionados and newcomers can engage with car culture in fresh, exciting ways—through both digital and physical artworks, and unique, custom car designs that can be experienced and driven in Beamng Drive

These designs are crafted and curated by a Qualified Industrial Designer and are made accesible through through our platform for free.

Metaridez is my professional contribution to the worlds of design, cars and gaming—a place where I can share my passion with others one design at a time.

  • Liam Chui, Industrial Designer & Creator of Metaridez

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